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Shazam for iPhone– jaw dropping app with business case

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For all the dissing I’ve done about the iPhone (see previous posts), it’s true that as with any platform, it’s all about the apps.

MS DOS was nothing until spreadsheets and word processing ran on it.
Apple was nothing until home publishing ran on it.
Heck, even the TV was of questionable use until a killer app showed up: The Milton Berle Show.

Not sure if this belongs in the same exact category, but SHAZAM for iPhone and Android G1 is MIND-BLOWING.

When you hear a song you like but can’t identify, you launch the app, point the phone’s mic at the nearest speaker for less than a minute, and it identifies what’s playing. The album cover appears on your phone, along w/ artist, song, and album info. It also points you to related YouTube videos, and to iTunes where you can buy the track and related songs. Not a bad business case.

Shazam scrnshot

The server seems to have an uncanny knack for getting it right, no matter what part of the song, and a deep rich database that recognized some obscure tunes.

You also become a walking evangelist for it when people give you the puzzled “what are you doing?” as you’re standing there at a cafe pointing a device upward like you’re reading a meter or something.