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NY Tech Meetup organizer runoff- vote for Sanford!

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Sanford Dickert is running for NY Tech meetup lead and needs our help.
He is, in all candor, the best candidate on the roster by far.

If you are involved in the east coast tech scene, I urge you to see for the call to action and how to vote.

Vlingo: new killer app for iPhone

Vlingo is a killer app for the iPhone and Blackberry. It starts to solve the main issue I have with the iPhone: I can hardly use the tiny virtual onscreen keyboard. With Vlingo, for some key uses, I no longer have to.

You can choose ‘Maps’ and tell it to search for a place. Choose ‘Search’ and ask Google or Yahoo a question. Choose ‘Phone’ and have it search your contacts by name. Choose ‘Social’ and have it update your Facebook or Twitter status. Or just choose ‘Home’ and have it search what it guesses you’re after.

Unlike voice search in Google Mobile App, with Vlingo you must press a button and speak into the phone’s mic rather than simply lift the phone to your head to start and remove from ear to end. But unlike Google mobile app, Vlingo works astoundingly well! It had much better comprehension much more often for many obscure tests that I ran. And it works very fast. And is free.

If you have an iPhone or Blackberry I highly recommend checking it out. The iPhone version is available on the App Store (pending notoriously flakey app release schedules), and the Blackberry version is at