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Announcing East Agile

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This is way overdue for me to announce here, but for more than a year I’ve been working with Lawrence Sinclair on something we’re calling East Agile.

East Agile is an elite development team with most developers (for now) in Saigon, Vietnam. We’re doing cutting edge dev work for robust web, iPhone and a few other platforms, mostly in Ruby on Rails under extreme programming. This is not easy to pull off overseas, but it’s really exceeding expectations; we’re hand-picking the top brightest engineers and sticking to disciplined methodologies. The idea we hope will always appeal, but especially in current economic times, is to offer unusual cutting-edge Silicon Valley quality at offshore prices.

Our latest client is Twitter and we are building out some key back-end tools and functionality for them. It’s really fun work, and really fun for me helping build a company again and making clients happy.

I’m headed back to the Vietnam labs next week and very much looking forward to being blown away again.